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Fat Fluffs Rabbit Rescue

Fat Fluffs Rabbit Rescue

West Midlands

Fat Fluffs was founded in July 2008 to help support the growing need of the UK’s third most popular, but most neglected pet, our rabbits.

Fat Fluffs was founded in July 2008 by a group of friends who wanted to see the lives of pet rabbits improved. Since its founding Fat Fluffs, based in Hampton in Arden in the West Midlands, has gone from a small rescue to one able to house up to 70 rabbits at any one time. Fat Fluffs takes in all sorts of unwanted, neglected and sometimes much loved rabbits, and as far as possible finds them loving new homes. All their rabbits are neutered, vaccinated and vet checked but, unfortunately, not all of them are able to be rehomed. For those with more challenging personalities or with ongoing health problems they are given sanctuary at the rescue and they stay as part of the family receiving the help and care they need.

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Fat Fluffs Rabbit Rescue

FFRR01 Vet bill support

Vet bill support

Our rabbits are all neutered, vaccinated and vet checked before being rehomed. Those with ongoing health issues stay with us for life and need regular... Read more