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Friends of Walpole Old Chapel

Friends of Walpole Old Chapel


The Chapel needs repair and conservation to ensure its long-term survival for future generations. We need your help....

This chapel, Grade II*, was created by local people to meet their own worship needs. The Chapel has one of the finest meeting house interiors in England, and vividly conveys the atmospheric setting of 17th and 18th century dissenting worship. It has been part of the village of Walpole for over 400 years, and was a place of continuous worship for nearly 300 years. It formally closed in 1970 and is now cared for on a day-to-day basis by the Friends of Walpole Old Chapel. It offers a spectacular setting for performances and events, with a programme of music, poetry, exhibitions and new commissions. The Chapel is available for weddings, baptisms, and blessings, and can be hired for meetings, etc. The historic chapel is one of the most threatened types of building in England. Many have been damaged by unsympathetic conversion or the removal of fittings. At Walpole the external render is failing, with the risk of water getting in to damage the timber frame and it urgently needs replacing. We still need to raise up to £400,000 to complete the work.

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Friends of Walpole Old Chapel

IZXL01 Walpole Old Chapel Unwrapped

Walpole Old Chapel Unwrapped

Our campaign to raise the money needed for the essential conservation and refurbishment to the external fabric of the Chapel is now well underway. ... Read more