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Hanwell Hootie

Hanwell Hootie


We are a free music festival supporting cultural heritage, community cohesion and the promotion of young musicians

We are run entirely by volunteers from all sections of society and are a registered community interest company. We believe strongly that everyone should have the opportunity to experience real live music. We pay all our musicians a fee to play as we understand how hard it is for bands to get a platform to perform in London. We showcase young talent on our designated youth stage giving the young people of the area a unique opportunity to gain vital stage experience. Live music venues are shutting down at an alarming rate all over London and we want to try and put an end to it. Live music has the power to create community cohesion and battle individual mental health issues. We support a number of charities and community organisations locally and nationally. By supporting the Hanwell Hootie, you will be directly contributing to the promotion of live music and the numerous benefits it can bring.
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Hanwell Hootie

HOOTIE Support the Hootie and artists during COVID-19

Support the Hootie and artists during COVID-19

COVID-19 has drastically affected both artists and festivals. You Can you help by texting a £5 donation!... Read more