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Historic Chapels Trust

Historic Chapels Trust

South East

Historic Chapels Trust saves and protects significant non-Church of England places of worship no longer used by their congregations.

Historic Chapels Trust cares for some of the most important Grade I and Grade II* listed places of worship in England that tell the story of the Nonconformist and Catholic traditions of this country from the 17th to 20th centuries. We offer expert advice on their conservation and provide funding for essential repairs. Working with local committees and communities we help them to develop new activities to make the chapels sustainable in the long-term. Historic Chapels Trust is the place of last resort for these important buildings. If it did not exist there would be no other organisation to care for these vital strands of our history and these chapels would be at risk of loss or irreparable damage.
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Historic Chapels Trust

HCTEC Historic Chapels Trust £10,000 Emergency Campaign

Historic Chapels Trust £10,000 Emergency Campaign

Our remarkable chapels are places of hope in the most difficult times, please help us to raise £10,000 so that we can continue to care for them. ... Read more