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Holmfirth Arts Festival

Holmfirth Arts Festival

Yorkshire and the Humber

Annually since 2007, Holmfirth Arts Festival celebrates creativity in the landscape in the town of Holmfirth in the Pennine hills of West Yorkshire.

Holmfirth Arts Festival (HAF) is one of Yorkshire's best small Festivals and aims to: * Commission new work & support artists to present work in beautiful surroundings * Inspire diverse communities to engage with the arts & their heritage, often in the outdoors & unique non-arts spaces * Care for the environment & contribute to ecological sustainability * Connect locally, regionally and internationally Our annual programme, with an emphasis on equality, inclusion, diversity and internationalism comprises * Indoor events * Outdoor Arts * Community Engagement * Rural events throughout the year By supporting Holmfirth Arts Festival, you enable us to continue to provide high quality arts provision, increase civic pride and attract visitors to the area.
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Holmfirth Arts Festival

HAF2021 Holmfirth Arts Festival  2021

Holmfirth Arts Festival 2021

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HAF2020 Holmfirth Arts Festival  Online 2020

Holmfirth Arts Festival Online 2020

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