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Lichfield Arts

Lichfield Arts


Lichfield Arts is a charity that delivers a diverse range of concerts, festivals and community engagement events throughout the year with the aim of making people's lives better through engagement in the arts.

We are passionate about inspiring and involving people to participate in the arts - whether as attendees, performers or volunteers - on the basis that great art and culture inspires us, brings us together and teaches us about ourselves and the world around us. Each year within the beautiful cathedral city of Lichfield we put on two concert series, the Fuse Festival in July, the Lichfield Festival Of Folk in October and the Blues & Jazz festival in June. In addition, our community outreach work delivers projects designed to engage and involve people from the local area, and especially young people, in artistic activities and performances. We also offer extensive opportunities for volunteering and work experience.

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Lichfield Arts

FUSE Fuse 2019

Fuse 2019

Play your part in making our fabulous FREE Fuse 2019 community music and arts festival a success!... Read more