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Making Space

Making Space

North West

Passionate about providing quality care and support that is flexible to your needs and choices

Making Space is a national charity providing services in the heart of local communities. We provide specialist care and support services both in the community and in the comfort of people's own homes. We are passionate about providing quality care and support that is flexible to the needs of the people we work with and give them more control over their lives. We support people with mental health conditions, people living with dementia, people with learning disabilities and carers. At Making Space we care about people and their diversity and work to make a real difference in their lives. We have been helping adults with care and support needs, and their carers, to lead independent and fulfilling lives for more than 35 years.

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Making Space

ELF22 Elf and Social Care

Elf and Social Care

Donate to fund our team of elves to spread Christmas cheer this festive season.... Read more

FORTY Making Space 40th Anniversary Donate
SAFE Save Christmas

Save Christmas

This Christmas, please thank the people that helped so many get through lockdown and continue to help people in need during the current pandemic.... Read more

SPACE Donate to Making Space

Donate to Making Space

Supporting Making Space.... Read more

READY Being Ready

Being Ready

Being Ready- responding to whatever comes our way by moving forward together.... Read more

COURAGE Having Courage

Having Courage

Having Courage- committing bravely to working in ways that take us to new places.... Read more

DREAMBIG Dreaming Big

Dreaming Big

Dreaming Big- let's generate confidence in ourselves and others to take the first step.... Read more

TAILOR Tailor-making


Tailor-making- nurturing unique relationships to make every day count.... Read more


Kind Hearts

Kind Hearts- generously building empathy and connection to create a sense of belonging.... Read more

MIND1 Value Mental Health

Value Mental Health

We value your mental health, do you?... Read more

LOVE1 Dementia Support

Dementia Support

Our caring and qualified teams of dementia specialists and support workers can support people to live well with dementia.... Read more

CARE Care for Carers

Care for Carers

At Making Space we understand the stress and pressures of being a carer and work to support the individual and their needs.... Read more

GIVEBACK Give up and Give Back

Give up and Give Back

GIVE UP something you love for 40 days and 40 nights and GIVE BACK to Making Space by donating the money you've saved.... Read more

PZAA02 To support the work of the Barnsley Dementia Gateway Service

To support the work of the Barnsley Dementia Gateway Service

This campaign is to support the work of the Barnsley Dementia Gateway Service which provides advice, information and support for people living with de... Read more

PZAA01 Contactless Making Space

Contactless Making Space

Write a really compelling short description or summary... Read more