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MindFood CIO

MindFood CIO


MindFood helps people with depression & anxiety to improve their wellbeing through gardening, mindfulness & creativity

We offer a non-judgemental space where a diversity and multiculturalism are promoted. We run our courses from two beautiful green sites in Ealing; Cleveley Crescent near Hanger Lane tube station, and Horsenden Hill near Perivale tube station, plus we have partnered with Acton-based organisation Artification to run a programme for young people aged between 18-24 in North Acton. Courses are designed to be a fun balance of learning how to grow a wide range of fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers whilst becoming more mindful of ways to improve our wellbeing. If you enjoy art, craft and creating, we find ways of weaving the natural world into our creations in our Naturally Creative sessions.

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MindFood CIO



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