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Multiple Sclerosis Trust

Multiple Sclerosis Trust


The MS Trust is a UK charity that believes that no one should have to manage MS alone.

The MS Trust ensures that people with multiple sclerosis have the specialist care and information they need to get on with their lives. MS specialist nurses are vital in helping people living with MS deal with their diagnosis, consider their treatment options and adjust to living well with MS. We believe that every one of the 110,000 people living with MS in the UK should have access to an MS specialist nurse, so we’re working with the NHS to fund new MS specialist nurses in areas that need them most. Since 2000, we’ve provided the essential training for every new MS specialist nurse in the UK. We also support multidisciplinary MS teams with training, study days and the biggest annual conference for MS professionals in the UK.
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Multiple Sclerosis Trust

MOTIV8MS Motivate for MS

Motivate for MS

What has motivated you this year? Share your motivation on social media, tag @mstrust, and #motivateforMS! Then donate £3 and tag 3 people to pass so... Read more

TRUSTUS MS Trust... in us

MS Trust... in us

'MS Trust in us' to support your MS healthcare services - a new mental health education for our MS Health Professionals, and our Advanced MS Champions... Read more



HSBC quiz to raise money for the MS Trust... Read more

FESTMS MS Trust Home Festival 2020

MS Trust Home Festival 2020

Support the MS Trust with your own MS Trust Home Festival this summer!... Read more

SPARKLE My Sparkle

My Sparkle

Get your sparkle on and help make a difference for people with MS! Whether it's sparkly nails or glitter in your beard, don the sparkle on your next v... Read more

MSBBIB Be Bold in Blue

Be Bold in Blue

Whether it’s organising a blue-themed Zoom quiz or delivering blueberry muffins to your friends and family, Be Bold in Blue YOUR way and help make a... Read more

NEWNORM New normal campaign

New normal campaign

MS doesn't stop. Neither do we. The MS Trust aim to ensure those with MS aren't left behind in the 'new normal'.... Read more

LONDON20 Sponsor the London Marathon Team 2020

Sponsor the London Marathon Team 2020

Show your support for the 2020 MS Trust London Marathon team, who are running the 26.2 miles to support those living with MS today.... Read more

PETE2019 Pete's No Beard or Hair Cuts 2019

Pete's No Beard or Hair Cuts 2019

Pete is abstaining from cutting his beard and hair in 2019 and will end the year by dying this hair and beard in the colours of his hometown football ... Read more

MSTR01 Information resources from the MS Trust

Information resources from the MS Trust

The MS Trust provides a wide range of books and information sheets, completely free of charge, on everything from diagnosis and symptoms to living wit... Read more

KSUK50 The Kathleen Painter 50/50 Challenge 2019 in aid of the MS Trust

The Kathleen Painter 50/50 Challenge 2019 in aid of the MS Trust

Loyal MS Trust supporter Kenny Smith is cycling around the UK for 50 days to celebrate what would have been his sister Kathleen’s 50th birthday.... Read more

OPEN25 Open Door - the MS Trust's free quarterly newsletter

Open Door - the MS Trust's free quarterly newsletter

Open Door will always be free to our readers, but it costs £2 to produce and post each issue. Please donate to help us cover these costs.... Read more