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Pallant House Gallery

Pallant House Gallery

South East

Pallant House Gallery is a leading arts venue acclaimed for its exhibitions and collections of Modern British, international and contemporary art.

Pallant House Gallery in Chichester is renowned for its exhibitions of Modern British, international and contemporary art, and is a registered charity. Our permanent collection is described as one of the best in the UK, with important works by Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth, Lucian Freud, John Piper, Peter Blake and many more.

Operating on the belief that everyone is entitled to a creative life, our Learning and Community Programme is widely respected for providing long-term meaningful opportunities for a diverse range of people from the local community.

We have won numerous awards including the Gulbenkian Prize and the Charity Award 2013 for Outside In, our flagship project supporting those facing barriers to the art world.

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Pallant House Gallery

PHGC001 Marking 10 years: Support our future

Marking 10 years: Support our future

Help us care for our permanent collection, develop our award-winning learning and community programme, and deliver exceptional exhibitions.... Read more