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Sussex Homeless Support

Sussex Homeless Support

South East

We are Sussex Homeless Support based in Brighton we offer a number of services to Homeless, Rough Sleepers & those suffering Poverty.

Sussex Homeless Support began 5 years ago and is based in Brighton, we began by providing some food, sleeping bags & rucksacks full of supplies as part of the Rucksack Project we grew very fast as did the numbers we were helping on the streets, in 2017 we decided to become a Registered Charity our volunteers were many but the numbers we seen on the street were growing so fast. In December 2017 we bought and converted a Double Decker bust to create a night shelter this worked as one till Feb 2020 when Covid-19 forced us to shut it and a second Double Decker Bus we had converted to give more beds and rooms for couples. During the crisis we stepped up we turned out lively Sunday Kitchen which sees as many as 200 homeless into a daily event and we ran like that for 5 months, it was exhausing but our volunteers stepped up. We have reduced back to the big weekly event so we have time to convert our Bus to a mobile food station and foodbank(every week on a Friday we run a foodbank and do home deliveries as well). We are currently working 16 hours a day 7 days a week and everyone is a volunteer so we make our funds go a long way.
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Sussex Homeless Support

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