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The Moorlands Community Charity

The Moorlands Community Charity

Yorkshire and the Humber

Community led, charity working alongside society to enhance the health and social wellbeing and to strengthen the economic prosperity of residents.

Old Goole, our main area of benefit, is the second most deprived area within the East Riding and has the associated inequalities and poverty. There has been a Community Centre in Old Goole for over twenty years, starting from a room in a disused school to currently a centre which has a cafe, IT suite, meeting rooms, art studio and an area for our Meals on Wheels service. We provide many activities, support and practical help, from those fleeing domestic violence, to Luncheon Clubs and Youth Clubs. Last year we supported 2,368 residents in our community.

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The Moorlands Community Charity

JZHB03 Emergency Crisis Fund

Emergency Crisis Fund

From 1996 we have supported the community of Old Goole but 2022 has seen significant challenges for our charity. Help keep this vital service going.... Read more