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The Stag Community Arts Centre

The Stag Community Arts Centre

South East

The Stag Theatre, Cinema, Plaza Studio and cafe. Stage, Screen & Community for the people of Sevenoaks

Support The Stag Theatre and help us re-open, stay open and survive following the impact of the Coronovirus pandemic. We provide theatre and drama facilities for professional and amateur groups as well as music, dance and a successful Youth Theatre and film production unit. We also provide first run films on the day of national release as well as opera, National Theatre, & RSC live transmissions. We also run an annual Arts Festival in September. Stag Sevenoaks Stage | Screen | Community

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The Stag Community Arts Centre

STAG Save Our Stag

Save Our Stag

Help The Stag reopen, stay open and survive. Your support will help everyone to enjoy live shows, watch films, perform, meet, volunteer and visit.... Read more