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The Young Lives Foundation

The Young Lives Foundation

South East

The Young Lives Foundation is a leading children’s charity with expertise in Advocacy, Mentoring, Befriending and Activity Programmes.

Vision: that every young person in need shall have access to the resources and opportunities needed for them to achieve their potential and lead fulfilled lives

Kent Children’s Charity of the Year (2019), The Young Lives Foundation (YLF) works towards achieving its vision by supporting young people through times of difficulty and distress, enabling their voices to be heard and assisting young people to achieve their potential

YLF is an independent children’s charity established in 2007. We are dedicated to delivering quality services tailored to ensure we achieve effective outcomes in the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged children and young people across Kent and Medway. YLF have over 270 volunteers who give over 34,000 voluntary hours, and support more than 3,500 vulnerable people each year. 94% of people feel listened to and supported. £300k of fundraised income is generated every year to develop and enhance our services, and to meet the needs and demands of beneficiaries each year whilst ensuring positive outcomes are delivered

YLF supports looked after children, care leavers, children and families in need, vulnerable adults and unaccompanied asylum-seeking children

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The Young Lives Foundation

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