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An inspirational museum and arts centre, Timespan is a cultural focal point in the North Highlands of Scotland - one of Europe’s most remote and beautiful regions.

From humble beginnings 26 years ago as Helmsdale’s local heritage society, Timespan has become a museum and archive, café, gift shop and the only public contemporary art gallery in Sutherland.

Timespan’s collection is based on the built, natural and cultural heritage of the area. It presents a programme of contemporary arts, develops innovative projects and runs activities for the education and enjoyment of arts and heritage. Timespan fosters creative development and community participation for children and young people in a remote area where access to cultural activity is very limited. Find out more at www.timespan.org.uk

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TSP001 Timespan Rural Endowment Fund

Timespan Rural Endowment Fund

Timespan Museum and Arts Centre is a charity. We want to be here for the next generation and beyond, to develop our innovative work and secure our fut... Read more