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TramShed Theatre Company

TramShed Theatre Company

North West

TramShed is an inclusive theatre company and registered charity operating in Blackpool, Wyre and Fylde.

TramShed offer Inclusive performing arts to all individuals, no matter what their background, experiences or needs. They offer a safe and stimulating environment which allows participants to learn new skills, build confidences and showcase their talents. No one is excluded at TramShed, only celebrated. TramShed run weekly Inclusive performing arts workshops which unite people from all areas of our community. They also stage two Inclusive performances at every year. All material is written in house and the participants devise ideas to create the material used. Work in the community is fundamental to TramShed as it allows them to access many people who have previously been excluded from the performing arts, through no fault of their own.
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TramShed Theatre Company

TRAM19 TramShed Theatre Company 2019

TramShed Theatre Company 2019

TramShed is a local Inclusive Theatre Company and registered charity, offering inclusive performing arts to everyone, no matter what their background,... Read more