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UCARE (Urology Cancer Research and Education) is an Oxford based charity committed to improving the treatment and care of cancer patients

Urological cancers are those that affect the kidney, bladder, prostate, testicles or penis. We depend on the committed support of our donors, volunteers and advisers. You too can make a real difference by getting involved with UCARE. UCARE's aim is to fund the best quality research by bringing together the knowledge and opinions of researchers, clinicians, and allied health professionals to support research and education in urological cancer. We run awareness campaigns to work towards closing the gap in cancer survival rates between the UK and its European counterparts, and provide information about prevention and healthy living choices. We also support cancer patients, their families and carers with advice on the many practical and emotional questions that arise as they go through their cancer journey.
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ZWWI01 Facing the future of urological cancers together

Facing the future of urological cancers together

Many small donations make a huge difference. Funding awareness leaflets or relatively small and inexpensive pieces of equipment can facilitate great ... Read more