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Voices of London Festival

Voices of London Festival


Fast emerging as the capital's leading choral music festival, Voices of London returns in 2018 with it's most far-reaching programme to date.

Voices of London is the vision of five young musicians, passionate about choral music in all guises. provide aspiring musicians with a professional platform to help launch their careers, & enable children & amateur singers to engage with song. Our aims:

• Support & promote collaborative music making 
• Programme a wide range of styles & genres performed at the highest level
• Provide an opportunity for audiences & musicians to hear & perform with like-minded musicians 
• Offer an accessible festival for a diverse audience 
• Commission new music
• Offer educational workshops 
• Raise the profiles of emerging performers 
• Encourage new audiences for choral & vocal music 
• Promote concert attendance amongst young people 

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Voices of London Festival

VOLF004 Ahoy! London - Voices of London's 2018 outreach programme

Ahoy! London - Voices of London's 2018 outreach programme

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Conductors Circle

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