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Wells Carnival Ltd

Wells Carnival Ltd


A 10 day, traditional summer Carnival, for residents & visitors. Full of family fun and activities plus live music and a Carnival Day procession.

Wells Carnival is a not-for-profit organisation run by a team of hardworking volunteers. Taking place annually at the beginning of August, for well over 100 years, the now weeklong event provides entertainment for all ages: a teddy bears picnic for the little ones, raft race & funrun for the energetic plus painting & sandcastle competitions for the artistic. There are history walks, workshops plus live music. The event culminates on the 2nd Saturday with the main Carnival event, including fancy dress competitions, a parade around the town and a spectacular music event in the evening. A bucket collection held during the parade, along with additional funds from the week, is shared between local charitable & non profit groups at their AGM

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Wells Carnival Ltd

WELLS Wells Carnival 2023 - 'Support us = supports Wells!!'

Wells Carnival 2023 - 'Support us = supports Wells!!'

Welcome to Wells Carnival 2023 - by supporting us you enable us to provide affordable entertainment for all, as well as helping us support local chari... Read more