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Harewood House Trust

Harewood House Trust

Yorkshire and the Humber

Harewood House is one of Yorkshire's finest country houses near Leeds.

Since 1986 the Harewood House Trust has managed and cared for this incredible building and its gardens and grounds. A place for learning and enjoyment, for play and wellbeing. A place full of history and natural beauty.

It is our mission to protect and enhance this amazing place for the benefit of everyone. As a charity, the ongoing support of our donors, members, volunteers and visitors makes a huge difference. The house, collections, grounds and our diverse programme of events and exhibitions are enjoyed by 250,000 visitors per year. The support we receive makes a genuine difference, enabling us to promote the study and appreciation of Harewood as a place of historic and cultural interest, and a place of natural beauty.

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Harewood House Trust



The Ferry is important for access as well as being a beloved part of the visitor experience at Harewood. It costs £70,000 a year to maintain and run... Read more

HHTGUIDE HHT State Floor Pocket Guide

HHT State Floor Pocket Guide

We suggest a £2 donation for our State Floor Pocket Guide which helps visitors get the most out of their visit to Harewood House.... Read more

SHUTTLE Shuttle Bus

Shuttle Bus

Our electric shuttle buses, run by our volunteers, provide a vital service to enable people to enjoy the house and landscape at Harewood.... Read more

REIM01 Reimagining Our Landscape

Reimagining Our Landscape

We have embarked upon a mission to REIMAGINE OUR HAREWOOD by 2033.... Read more

HAREWOOD Harewood House Trust

Harewood House Trust

Harewood House Trust is an educational charity which exists to protect, develop and share the house and gardens at Harewood House.... Read more