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National Activity Providers Association

National Activity Providers Association

South East

We are a national charity and membership organisation, we support the care sector to prioritise wellbeing and promote activity, arts and engagement.

NAPA provides support services that enable person centred, meaningful activities. Our specialist resources enable activity providers to create opportunities for meaningful engagement for the adults they support including a quality digital magazine for every care member setting with best practice articles, activity ideas & top tips as well as regular themes resources & publications, enabling activity professionals to remain up to date. Our professional development programme offers a range of learning opportunities for on topics relating to activity, arts & engagement including qualifications, training days, webinars & conferences. Our confidential helpline service provides information & support on issues relating to activity, art & engagement.

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National Activity Providers Association

NAPA4 Fireside Variety Club 3rd April - NAPA and Ready Generations

Fireside Variety Club 3rd April - NAPA and Ready Generations

NAPA and Ready Generations are delighted to be working together to bring the Fireside Variety club to people of all ages.... Read more

NAPA NAPA  Helpline appeal

NAPA Helpline appeal

The NAPA Helpline is here to support care providers to plan socially distant activities, so that those with care and support needs can remain connect... Read more