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The Royal National College for the Blind

The Royal National College for the Blind

West Midlands

RNC is the leading provider of further education and employment training for people over the age of 16 who have a visual impairment.

RNC is now the only further education college in the UK where all of the students are visually impaired. This means that we are able to focus entirely on their visual impairment and each student receives a unique, individualised experience. Students can access both academic vocational qualifications which incorporate work based learning as well as theoretical knowledge. Students also receive training and practice in interview skills. Independence training includes all of the skills that students will need in their life after RNC. These may be washing their clothes, cooking a basic meal, withdrawing cash or doing a supermarket shop. Each student is assessed individually and they receive as much support as they need. At RNC, the students also receive mobility lessons which includes learning basic walking routes, learning how to negotiate street furniture, using public transport and planning independent journeys. Many parents comment that RNC students leave college better prepared for adult life than many of their sighted peers. In addition, the RNC Sports Academy is renowned in the field of blind and disability sports. It offers students the opportunity to develop in a range of sports including Goalball, Blind Football, Judo, Golf and Boccaccio.
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The Royal National College for the Blind

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