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Woodside Animal Welfare Trust

Woodside Animal Welfare Trust

South West

Woodside is an animal sanctuary and rehoming centre based in Plymouth. We help 18 different types of pets from cats and dogs to rabbits and livestock

Set up due to the number of unwanted pets having to be put to sleep due to the lack of space at shelters and sanctuaries, Woodside has been running for over 40 years. Its key focus has always been to ensure the neutering of animals to prevent to high a number of unwanted animals, this happens both at the sanctuary and in the community. We help over 1000 each year. The majority are rehomed following homevisits. Woodside also offers sanctuary and long term or a permanent home to many which can not be rehomed. This is often due to age, medical conditions or behavioural issues. We work hard in the community too. We offering low cost neutering for those who need it and education and animal welfare advice on our animal welfare rounds at least twice a week. We also run a trap, neuter, release scheme for feral (wild) cats to keep populations under control. We are totally reliant on donations and receive no government or council funding! All donations big or small help the animals in our care and the community.

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Woodside Animal Welfare Trust

NEUTER Neutering Assistance Programme

Neutering Assistance Programme

Woodside offer a low cost neutering programme. It is essential for us to be able to both keep rehoming numbers at a manageable level and also prevent ... Read more

HEAT2324 Heat the Sanctuary 23/24

Heat the Sanctuary 23/24

With animal numbers close to 200 through Autumn and likely to stay high through the winter, out heating bills remain high. All donations towards these... Read more

RUBY Ruby Vet Treatment

Ruby Vet Treatment

Ruby is a pocket bully. She is suffering from a variety of medical conditions. She needs to undergo an operation to have both her hose widened and he ... Read more

CATROOF Cattery roofing

Cattery roofing

Our outside cattery is suffering from a leaky roof. Sadly not just in one spot but many as the current roofing is long overdue replacement.... Read more

HEAT2223 Heating Appeal 22/23

Heating Appeal 22/23

With up to 200 animals on site it is an expensive business to keep them warm in the colder months. Please help us with whatever you can afford. ... Read more

WASH New Industrial Washing Machine

New Industrial Washing Machine

Rub a dub dub, thanks for helping towards our tub!... Read more

CATTERY Cattery Flooring

Cattery Flooring

Our main cattery the pods needs new flooring both in its 13 pens and the corridors. It have served us well for the last 18 years but a replacement is ... Read more

FENCING New Horse fencing

New Horse fencing

Our cheeky trio of Dartmoor ponies, keep having medical mishaps due to eating the hedgerows. We need to replace and move fencing in their field to hel... Read more

WARM Keep the animals warm this winter 21

Keep the animals warm this winter 21

Help us keep the animals warm this Winter. We have over 170 animals on site to keep warm and with the fuel price hike, its going to be even tougher th... Read more

HEATING Replacement Kennel Heating

Replacement Kennel Heating

Our twenty year old heating system in kennel block one is in need of urgent replacement.... Read more

DRYER New Tumble Dryer

New Tumble Dryer

After our industrial tumble dryer is now beyond repair, we are needing to raise funds for a new one costing £1550.... Read more

FRIDAY Fiver Friday

Fiver Friday

Fiver Friday is our campaign to help us continue to work in the many areas of animal welfare despite the pressures that COVID put on us.... Read more

WOODSIDE Woodside CoronaVirus Hardship Fund

Woodside CoronaVirus Hardship Fund

Helping is to continue to help animals in these tough times.... Read more