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Woodside Animal Welfare Trust

Woodside Animal Welfare Trust

South West

Woodside is an animal sanctuary and rehoming centre based in Plymouth. We help 18 different types of pets from cats and dogs to rabbits and livestock

Set up due to the number of unwanted pets having to be put to sleep due to the lack of space at shelters and sanctuaries, Woodside has been running for over 40 years. Its key focus has always been to ensure the neutering of animals to prevent to high a number of unwanted animals, this happens both at the sanctuary and in the community. We help over 1000 each year. The majority are rehomed following homevisits. Woodside also offers sanctuary and long term or a permanent home to many which can not be rehomed. This is often due to age, medical conditions or behavioural issues. We work hard in the community too. We offering low cost neutering for those who need it and education and animal welfare advice on our animal welfare rounds at least twice a week. We also run a trap, neuter, release scheme for feral (wild) cats to keep populations under control. We are totally reliant on donations and receive no government or council funding! All donations big or small help the animals in our care and the community.
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Woodside Animal Welfare Trust

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Emergency Clinic Repairs

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