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Forestry England

Forestry England


For over 100 years, we have been growing, shaping and caring for over 1,500 of our nation’s forests for the benefit and enjoyment of all.

Forests care for us. Together we care for forests. What we do With your help and support, we care for more land and trees than any other organisation in England. We grow and supply over 16 million new trees every year. We provide over 1,800 miles of walking, running and cycling trails, managing England’s largest supply of sustainably-sourced timber, and conserving the homes of thousands of plants and animals. Why we do it Forests are vital for the future of our planet. They improve the health and well-being of everyone and with careful planning and expert management, our forests will continue to thrive. They help to offset carbon emissions and restore eco-systems, providing people of all ages and abilities with fresh air and space to breathe.
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Forestry England

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